CBD-HQ cannabidiol hydroxy quinone

CBD HQ is a natural oxidation product of CBD

What is Cannabidiol CBD CHQ?

is a natural oxidation product of CBD with many potential therapeutic applications. CBD-HQ is made from the natural aging process of CBD. Although there is little research on the effects of CBD, CBD HQ seems to have the same effect as CBD, but to be many times stronger. This is partly due to the quinone compound. The famous co-enzyme Q10-quinone is an example of a powerful quinone.

oxidation process
CBD HQ is a variant of the Chinon CBD. Quinones found in nature and formed after the oxidation of polyphenols, which are widespread in plants. A common phenomenon is the oxidation of polyphenols in an apple when cut in half. Upon contact with oxygen, the polyphenols in an apple are enzymatically oxidized to quinones, giving the characteristic brown color when the apple leaves in the air for a few minutes. While the oxidation process in an apple (tan) starts already after a few minutes, CBD often does more. The oxidation process from CBD to CBD-HQ is so slow that it can take 10 to 15 years for CBD to fully convert into CBD-HQ.

CBD HQ of course in cannabis
Just as CBN is an oxidation product of THC, CBD-HQ naturally also occurs in very low concentrations of CBD-rich cannabis strains. The oxidation of THC to CBN is slow but much faster than the oxidation of CBD to CBD HQ.

1-3 drops 3 times a day under the tongue. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage

This product is sterilized by means of ultrasonic waves.

Ingredients: modified fiber hemp extract, fatty acids derived from coconut oil, myrcene, linalool, α-pinene, β-pinene, d-limonene, β-caryophyllene.

Volume: 10 ml (about 200 drops)

CBD HQ has much the same effect as CBD, but is many times stronger. This is partly due to the Quinone connection. Quinones are known to have high bioavailability and are therefore easily digested. It is a very powerful antioxidant. The active ingredient in CBD is CHQ, a natural oxidation product of the well-known cannabidiol (CBD). CHQ is very rare, it takes at least 10 years in nature to "ripen" the CBD to CHQ. A very lengthy and expensive production process but very valuable to the body.

The difference between CBD and CBD-HQ in high quality is huge. It is new extract that is many times stronger than CBD. ,

CBD contains a large amount of high quality natural terpenes which provide a synergistic effect. The flavorings in the oil have great medicinal value and also individually advantageous properties. The oil has a high dosage of the 5 most important terpenes such as caryophyllene, linalool, beta-pinene, myrcene and limonene. These aromatic terpenes are not just known for the healing power. They are also delicious.

5% CBD oil hemp oil capsules 30 pcs.

30 Hemp Oil Capsules 5% CBD Oil Cannabidiol Soft

One capsule contains 8,4 mg of CBD.

19,45 EUR
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Aqua plus 1,5% CBD 10ml

10ml CBD Aqua plus 1.5% cannabidiol drops

CBD (cannabidiol): 1.5% = 150mg CBD

- fast acting water based CBD - THC free

19,58 EUR
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